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Top Eight Sites Supporting RIAA Boycott
March 10, 2007, 3:43 pm
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My yesterday post about RIAA Boycott was supported by Interweb World and Deus Diabolus. Thank you guys for your support for our common goal, downfall of Devil-RIAA.

As of current, “RIAA Boycott” has over 100,000 mentions on the Google, and this count is raising. Every day, our community grows stronger, and every day grows our determination to make end to this cruel entity of greedy scammers and fraudsters.

So, it’ll be fair if I’ll list eight sites concerned with RIAA Boycott:

  1. Boycott-RIAA.Com – original RIAA Boycott site. Being founded in 2000, Boycott RIAA currently is the most influential anti-RIAA site in the Net.
  2. Gizmodo.Com – site that created  idea of March 2007 being month of RIAA Boycott. More specifically, you may be interested in RIAA-related category of Gizmodo.
  3. RIAAradar.Com – I’ve already advised this one, but you can never overestimate usefulness of this resource.
  4. Don’tBuyCDs.Org – ‘A consumer organization boycotting RIAA and affiliated labels’. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Last.FM – one of the few Internet radio stations / recommendation systems that doesn’t suck. Use it like I do.
  6. eMusic.Com – no DRM. No royalties. No RIAA. Enjoy.
  7. EFF.Org – Electronic Frontier Foundation. Original movement for freedom in digital world.
  8. Unofficial RIAA Blog – first blog concerned solely with anti-RIAA movement (if you know of any other one, tell me in comments)

Do you know of other anti-RIAA sites? Don’t hesitate to tell in the comment area.


RIAA is Spamming?
March 9, 2007, 10:26 pm
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Some idiot at PolicyBytes wrote an article called ‘Should RIAA sue college students who facilitate massive copyright piracy?.

I am living in the world where RIAA’s dumbness is universally accepted, and when I go through entries like this, I’m feeling like I’ve just had ice-cold shower. It is shocking, yet refreshing.

Not trying to rebutt claims about ‘piracy = stealing’, outright insults at CopyLeft movement activits and silly ideas like ‘if you contribute to economy, you are against piracy’, I will just focus on title.

Should RIAA sue college students? Perhaps, it is jury’s prerogative to determine who’s right and who’s wrong. As silly RIAA’s claims may be, I am not the power to stop it suing pirate students.

Yet, RIAA doesn’t have enough money to pay lawyers for thousands or millions of lawsuits.

What RIAA shouldn’t do is to abuse electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages, which are almost universally undesired. To those who didn’t get it: it is  the Wikipedia definition of spamming, and its exactly what RIAA is currently doing with college students.

Spamming is gross federal offence. Should we sue RIAA?

RIAA Boycott Month: Five Awesome Ways to Hurt the Devil
March 9, 2007, 6:14 pm
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Gizmodo has determined that March, 2007, will be the month of RIAA boycotting. They have sent forth two good ways to spend this month, buying eMusic MP3s and seeing artists live.

I present to you five more ways to hurt the RIAA in March:

5. Speak up your opinion

RIAA is hated and despised in geek community, and for a good reason. Add to the multitude of voices your own. Sign the Electronic Frontier Foundation petition. Speak up on forums, blogs and message boards. Perhaps they ignore voice of community; but community doesn’t.

4. Switch to public domain and creative commons music

There is plenty of good music licensed as public domain and especially Creative Commons (you can find plenty of CC-licensed music at Creative Commons website). Yes, this won’t help the artists, but that’s why this tip is only at #4. If Creative Commons will spread, RIAA will take very painful hit in the crotch.

3. Crack the DRMs

By participating in DRM-cracking community, you don’t do anything inherently illegal. If everybody will learn to evade DRM, it will become obsolete. Strip Devil of his tools, and then banish him.

2. Donate to your favorite artists

Use donations to help your favorite artists. This way, you’ll give them the full sum. Buying an album from RIAA album won’t help – out of your twenty bucks only one dollar (at most) will go to the musician.

1. Buy the indendent music

Finally, support independent label. Use RIAA Radar to find labels free from RIAA imprisonment and buy music from them.

Remember: if you won’t pay the RIAA, they will eventually dissolve. Help to bring down devil incarnate of modern America.

Praying for quick yet painful downfall of RIAA,